React js and Laravel framework- a snapshot

React comes with a tagline of a Javascript library used for building interactive interfaces. React js the component-based library capable of composing complex and delicate UIs amongst the small separations of code called the components. It is the most efficient and declarative javascript library that helps make the code more predictable and easier to debug. React is perhaps one of the flexible library used for building user interfaces.

React and its components

React is a component-based library that synergizes the encapsulated components being managed in their own state that further collaborate and compose to make complex UI’s. The components are written in javascript and as such help pass rich data through the app efficiently.

A Simple Component

In such a component it implements a render() method. It seamlessly takes input data and displays the output. The input data and the component are easily accessible with render() through this.props.

A Stateful Component

React further provides the maintenance of internal state data via (this.state) as against taking the input data (accessed via this.props). With the change in the state component data, the rendered markup is updated via re-invoking render().

A Component Using External Plugins

React with its simple design views throughout, efficiently updates, and renders the right components when the data changes take place over time. On the other hand, react as a component helps using the external plugins, allowing its interface with other libraries and frameworks for apex project outcomes.

Why Laravel and React?

Laravel as the most preferred and widely accepted PHP framework by the web world has an expressive syntax packed with the best of features to develop a paragon. Laravel helps the creative flow and technology stack flow right in the direction of the modern web.

React on the other hand is the popular Frontend javascript library developed by Facebook leveraging its capabilities to build single-page applications. Further, as it allows the break down of the view into components wherein each component plays its part efficiently displaying the part of the application. React helps sustain the modularity and factor of reusability as a painless application to create useful and interactive UI’s.

Web developers often are inclined to use a single codebase for both the server and the client to keep a sense of stability. Developers often choose javascript stack for the entire project. Mingling with the laravel and react technologies for the server and client-side can efficiently bring in good results.

Take away

The React js developers in the modern web world leverage the functionalities of Laravel and React js for building web applications. Laravel is used prominently as a server-side PHP framework and React is used as a Client-side JavaScript library. The combination and blend of both technologies can provide seamless project outcomes with up to date web results.

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